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Hank Azaria- Man Of A Thousand Dialects

In The News: 7/19- Hank & Helen Wed!

August 4th, again: This time it is a rather big update.  Nothing is being added to the site, but there's big site news. My best bud, Christine, has been overly (yes!) generous, and has purchased a domain name for this site!  It'll take me some time to get the site moved, but within a week or two, you will be able to access this site at!!
August 4th:
 Not a big update.  Just a reminder that Hank will be on the Late Late Show with Craig Kilborn tonight, promoting "Mystery Men."  It airs right after Letterman, at 12:37am on CBS.  Also, one picture of Hank and Helen at the "Mystery Men" premiere from People magazine, along with their article on the wedding.
July 28th:
A bunch of pictures from the "Mystery Men" premiere (by the way, the opening date has been changed yet again.  It's back to Aug. 6th), as well as 2 sounds.  Also, I'm proud to be the first site to anounce Hank's middle name!!  Go to the bio to find out!  I broke the news about Hank starring in "Tuesdays with Morrie" a couple weeks ago, and there's an article with more details up in the news section.  I made about 90 pics from "Quiz Show," and I'll try to get them up soon! Also updated the Casting News movie sections.
Hi there!  Well, you've obviously found my page, which is a good thing for both me and you.  Good for me because I put a lot of work into this site, so naturally, I'd like people to see and enjoy it.  Good for you because this is the largest source for Hank Azaria info and multimedia, etc. So, for those who don't know who Hank really is, he's starred in such movies as "The Birdcage," "Quiz Show," and "Godzilla," among many others.  So, enough chat from me, enjoy the site!

Christine & Jenn's Helen Hunt Site- Congrats Helen & Hank! (I'm the Jenn part of this site, and we've put together all the info on the wedding here!)

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