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Source: People
Date: July 23, 1997


Straight Doesn't Rate 

Prancing about as the campy butler in director Mike Nichols' hit comedy The Birdcage, Hank Azaria flaunted a minimal wardrobe of thongs and tight shorts, prompting much teasing from his costars. "They said I wasn't the best dressed on set but the least dressed. Talk about suffering for your art," says Azaria, 31. Birdcage may have made $60.6 million in its first three weeks, but Azaria says that, in his everyday clothes, fans don't recognize him. Despite earlier roles in Quiz Show and Heat and a recurring one as a dog walker on girlfriend Helen Hunt's hit show Mad About You, Azaria says, "No one knows who I am. We'll be out to dinner, and all these Mad About You fans swarm around asking for Helen's autograph. Then they look at me and say, `You're not Paul Buchman!' and glare at her because she's cheating on her TV husband."