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Source:  Official Anastasia Site

How Hank hit the voice for "Bartok" the Albino bat in "Anastasia"...

     Hank Azaria, a veteran in voice manipulation for his roles on "The Simpsons" and as the flamboyant houseboy in "The Birdcage," says he based Bartok, his first character for a full-length animated film, on his usual source of inspiration, a member of his family.

     "I have a cousin who sounds like him a little bit," Azaria says. Nevertheless, the process of "finding" his character proved much more complicated than imitating a relative. Azaria relished the creative energy involved, even though it required some unusual-sounding vocalizations. "I began sounding like an insane person," he remembers. "I sat around the house with a cup of coffee and tried out, loudly, seven different voices. Don had definite ideas about the character and I came in and presented him with three or four different voices and we eventually hit on one."