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Summary of 1998 Leno Interview

     The second guest was Hank Azaria, star of last summer's hit The Birdcage, this summer's Godzilla, and who performs many of the voices on The Simpsons.

     When prompted about his acting as a kid, the actor relived some of his acting camp experiences. He said he played Henry Higgins in My Fair Lady when he was 9, and Kenickie (from Grease) when he was 11. But the star laughed when he recalled one production of Oklahoma when he was a "toddler" and he had to use the restroom. The acting teacher wouldn't let him go because his big number was coming up, but he had to and had an accident in his pants. Despite this difficulty, the resilient actor changed clothes and made his entrance on cue.

     Then Jay prompted the actor about another traumatic moment in his life: when he lost his Partridge Family lunchbox. Hank was astonished and said "What research you do here. Are you stalking me? I've let it go, I'm okay. Regardless of this, Jay presented him with a new Partridge Family lunchbox. Moved, the Godzilla star said thankfully "I didn't expect to come out her and be touched." Then the conversation moved to Hank's first impression: Artie Johnson from Laugh In. He did the impression for the audience as well as his impression of William Shatner going to the bathroom.

     After the bathroom impression, Hank turned to Gillian and said, "That's not what I thought I'd do the first time I met you." Finally, the actor did a Leno impression and awed the audience.