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Cradle Will Rock

"Cradle Will Rock"<>Written and Directed by: Tim Robbins
Genre: Drama
MPAA Rating: Rated R, for some language and sexuality
Release Date:  November 26th, 1999
Cast:  Hank Azaria, Matthew Bennett, Rubén Blades, Joan Cusack, John Cusack, Cary Elwes, Cherry Jones, Angus MacFadyen, Bill Murray, Vanessa Redgrave, Susan Sarandon, John Turturro, Emily Watson

Character Names:
Hank Azaria:  Marc Blitzstein
John Cusack: Nelson Rockefeller
Cary Elwes:  John Houseman
Angus MacFadyen:  Orson Welles

Additional Info:
- Takes place in the 1930's
- based on a true story
- started filming in May, 1998
- filmed in New York City
- shut down whole street so they could have 500 extras have a march
- telling true stories of 1930's America; the fight for freedom of speec
- Hank has a cute little mustache in the film! Hair slicked back. Just think 1930's

Tim Robbins said in a recent interview with ET Online:

<>"'The Cradle Will Rock' is a story, it's a true story, well it's based on a true story. When you do something that's based on a true story, you kind of have to invent characters to help you out, and obviously have to invent dialogue because no dialogue was recorded from that night. But the story is of this theater company that was run by ORSON WELLES and he came to the theater one morning to find it closed by the Federal Government... padlocked. And they shut it down, and the show was called "The Cradle Will Rock." And there was some controversial nature...I suppose it was the reason why they shut it down. But in the course of the day, Orson and John tried to find a different theatre to perform it in. And finally around seven o'clock with a crowd gathering outside, they found a different theater. Unfortunately the unions by this point said that their actors and musicians could not perform the play. So a march takes place, up to this other theatre to watch Marc Blitzstein (played by HANK AZARIA), the composer, perform it by himself, and that is the scene we just shot, is the march of the audience going up to see the show."