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With Maria Pitillo, Matthew Broderick, and Jean Reno Hank looking up at Godzilla, holding camera With Maria Pitillo About to be stepped on by Godzilla Trying to get Audrey to come with him to follow Nick Running over cars to try to get a shot of Godzilla Trying to find a way out of the building Sneaking out the window to follow Nick 2 shots, being stepped on by Godzilla, and the other loading the camera Looking up at Godzilla Cute shot of Hank in Godzilla Laughing after almost being crushed by Godzilla On the set with Matthew Broderick Black and white picture, looking at Godzilla Looking at Audrey Larger version of him about to climb out the window.  From the official "Godzilla" magazine Trying to jam the tape into the camera In the diner with Audrey, talking to Lucy Eating, Audrey is talking "You don Eating, talking Looking at the TV Good picture- Laughing With Lucy Just before he sees Godzilla Looking bewildered! "I don Holding the camera, looking up at Godzilla Talking to Audrey about him just chasing Godzilla Talking to Lucy Talking to Lucy Talking to Lucy With Lucy With Lucy In the helicopter Wondering where Audrey got a tape At a bar, waiting to see Audrey's broadcast In the bar In the bar In the bar

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