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Other Fan Sites...

The Hank Azaria Appreciation Page

Pictures, sounds, info, links,  bio, filmography, a few transcripts.

Brandy's Hank Azaria Page

An Apu sounds plays automatically when you load the page, a filmography, a few pictures, and a background collage.

John's Hank Azaria Page

A few pictures in his logo.  Mostly just some good info.

Maria's Hank Azaria Site

Some pictures, links, a couple of sounds, a filmography, a few articles, awards won, a bio, and the transcript for the "Friends" episode Hank guest starred in.

The Hank Azaria Fan Club Message Board

A place for Hank fans to get together and discuss topics pertaining to him, such as "Mad About You," "The Simpsons," and news.

Official Movie Sites...

"Mystery Men"

Official site for "Mystery Men."  Though it's not completey finished, it's definitely worth a look!


The official "Homegrown" site has pictures, videos, and info all about the movie and the actors.


The official "Godzilla" site has tons of info throughout the entire time they were making this movie. Plus some videos, and pictures.

"The Birdcage"

The offical site for "The Birdcage."  This site has lots of multimedia, and info about the movie and the actors.

"Great Expectations"- Hank Azaria

This is the section on Hank, only.  It's only a bio, and a picture, but there wasn't much about Hank in any other sections of the site.

Other Sites Of Interest...

Countdown To "Mystery Men"

A count down to the release of "Mystery Men."  Tons of info and many pics.

Cinemania- Hank Azaria

A page on Cinemania's site, with a fimography, and some articles.

"Homegrown" Web Ring

The "Homegrown" webring.