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At an awards show Smiling at Helen, she just won an award Smiling at Helen Hank, from CNN  Smiling Talking about voice work in Anastasia In tux Promo shot for "If Not For You" Picture from US magazine Waving to crowd Winning an award From ET Online From ET Online From ET Online  From MovieTelevision Cute picture At 1998 Oscars Winning SAG award for best ensemble for "The Birdcage" With Maria Pitillo and Matthew Broderick at '98 ShoWest awards At the Academy Awards At the Golden Globes At the 1998 Emmy awards with Helen Hunt From USA Today Posed shot, black and white At a convention, promoting Godzilla Small picture of Hank at the Oscars From Marie Claire Being interviewed by E! Talking Talking to E! about Godzilla Talking about "Godzilla" Talking about "Godzilla" At some event, talking to E! On Access Hollywood On Access Hollywood Behind the scenes while Hank voices Bartok Behind the scenes while Hank voices Bartok Black and white picture that E! used to promo a spot From the March 1999 issue of InStyle magazine

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