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Mystery Alaska
Mystery, Alaska poster

Plot: The remote and isolated Mystery, Alaska-- a little town on the outskirts of greatness -- may look cold and unexciting from the outside, but inside, behind closed doors, Mystery has all the sex scandals, hidden secrets, prying eyes, and political hypocrisies of any urban den of iniquity. And it has a darn good hockey team. It's a town where everybody knows everybody else's business -- then a human-interest story in a national magazine suddenly thrusts the village into the world spotlight. When the town's amateur hockey team accepts the challenge of a face-off against the New York Rangers, the entire population must be petty rivalries behind them and prove there is no mystery to Mystery.

Director: Jay Roach
Release Date:  October 1st, 1999  
MPAA Rating: Rated R for language and sexuality.  

Hank Azaria: Charles Danner
Cameron Bancroft: Tinker Connolly
Adam Beach: Galin Winetka
Michael Buie: Connor Banks
Russell Crowe: John Biebe
Ross Drew: Spectator
Kevin Durand: Adam "Tree" Lane
Jason Gray-Stanford: Det. Bobby Michan
Scott Grimes: Birdie Burns
Ryan Northcott: Stevie Weeks
Leroy Peltier: Ben Winetka
Brent Stait: Kevin Holt

Additional Info:
- Hank will play Charles Danner,a sports writer who helps arrange for the New York Rangers to play a pond hockey game against Mystery's unbeaten community team.
- Hank says of his character: "It was my suggestion that my character could not skate. He's supposed to be an outcast, so I figured he would be this one jerk who couldn't skate in a town where every guy was a hockey player.  It would naturally make him an outcast.  In my case, it's definitely art imitating life. I don't skate at all and can't imagine ever being able to."
Also: "I can in no way skate.  Whatever the opposite of hockey is, that's what I do."