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Date: October 6, 1998
Source: Variety

Ben Stiller joins "Mystery Men" cast

Ben Stiller, who appeared in three movies this summer, has been hired to star in ``Mystery Men,'' an offbeat comedy about loser superheroes. The Universal project begins production Oct. 21 in Los Angeles. Stiller will play Mr. Furious, the angriest and craziest of a band of self-proclaimed superheroes. Fueled by a rage that stems from his parents' neglect, Furious and his not-so-super mates, Blue Raja (Hank Azaria) and the Shoveler, band to fight their archenemy, Casanova Frankenstein, played by Geoffrey Rush. Stiller most recently starred in ``There's Something About Mary,'' ``Your Friends and Neighbors'' and ``Permanent Midnight.'' The actor-director also is scheduled to host the Oct. 24 episode of ``Saturday Night Live.''