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befun.wav - "Come on, it'll be fun, it'll be fun, it'll be fun!"

elvis.wav - The impression of Elvis done by Jean Reno's character was actually a mix of his impression, and Hank's.  You can definitely hear it, too.

laugh.wav - That now infamous laugh/scream when Animal almost gets crushed by Godzilla

godzilla1.wav - First scene in the diner

godzilla2.wav - Lucy:  So did this Romeo have a name?  Audrey: Nick Tatopolous.  Animal:  Jesus, that why you dumped him?

godzilla3.wav - "I don't think that's a parade"

godzilla4.wav - Animal:  You gonna be alright?  Lucy: Yeah.  Audrey's gonna spend the night with us.  Animal:  Cool. A threesome.  That's excellent.  I'm a little tired-

godzilla5.wav - "They just promo-ed your spot" (Great sound to listen to his NY accent in the film!)

godzilla6.wav - "I'm a little bit more concerned about lizards at this point..."

godzilla7.wav - "Um, honey.. who the Hell are all these people?"

godzilla8.wav - Talking to Audrey in the bedroom about where Nick was; Trying to persuade her to come with him to follow Nick.

godzilla9.wav - "Can't let Lucy know.. she'll.. hurt me."

godzilla10.wav - Audrey:  Come on Nick, this way!  ::everyone screams:: Animal:  Not this way.. NOT THAT WAY!!

godzilla11.wav - "Well, the good news is they got that message... The bad news is we've got less than 6 minutes to get out of the building."

godzilla12.wav - Animal:  When you worked with them, did they moniter all the news broadcasts?  Nick:  Yeah. Yeah, they did.  Animal:  Alright, we'll go live. Audrey, we'll broadcast right from in here.  Hopefully they'll.. see it.

godzilla13.wav - "Wait there's a code.... (gun fires)  I was just about to.. get it.."

godzilla14.wav - (Jean Reno's character stomps on Animal's video camera and tape) Animal:  Hey, hey, hey!!!  Philippe: No cameras.  Animal: What, are you kid-- (Philippe holds up a gun to him)  Yeha, alright.  Very good.

godzilla15.wav - Animal:  WHOA!  (Audrey screams)  This is where the Knicks  like get showered and everything!

godzilla16.wav - "Alright.. on three.. THREE!"

godzilla17.wav - "Oh Audrey, look at this.. he trashed the Garden!  Oh man.. now I'm pissed!"

godzilla18.wav - Animal: (In the cab that Godzilla just.. picked up in his mouth) Oh, you gotta be kidding me man!  We're in his mouth! We're IN his mouth! You're goin' the wrong way, man, YOU'RE GOIN' THE WRONG WAY!"

godzilla19.wav - O'Neil:  Okay, Nick. Listen to me.. you guys have got to lure him out into the open so we can get a clear shot at him.  Animal:  No problem there.  You want us to wash him up for you, too?

godzilla20.wav - (Audrey screams) "Uh, uh.. you better step on it Mr. French!!"

godzilla21.wav - Animal:  Uh, how you doin'?  You alright?  Philippe:  I could use a coffee.