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From "Homegrown"homeg1.wav - Carter (Hank Azaria) and Jack (Billy Bob Thornton) make Harlan (Ryan Phillippe) spit into a can before he can eat.

homeg10.wav - "I don't know man, are you sure?  Cause that sounds like eight different kinds of insane to me."

homeg11.wav - Carter: (completely high) Yo, I don't know if I'm sittin' down or standin' up.  Jack:  Sittin'  Carter:  All right.  How do I stand?  Jack:  Feet.

homeg12.wav - (mocking Harlan, pretending to voice a lobster) "Maybe there's crop, boys.  There's herb up 'dere still!"

homeg2.wav - Harlan:  We did it!  We really did it!  Carter:  Did what?  Harlan:  Well, that was the most dangerous part, right?  Carter:  Harlan, whatever part you're doin' is the most dangerous part.

homeg3.wav - Carter:  I have a [phone] number..  Jack:  Huh?  Carter:  I have a phone number, um, Malcolm gave it to me, in case there was any trouble.  Jack:  How come you never mentioned it before?  Carter:  Because I forgot, Jack.  It was a long time ago.  Jack:  Pot head.  Carter:  Redneck

homeg4.wav - Harlan: Well, is his family's so rich, with a mansion, and a Mongol, and all that, then why did he get into dope? Carter: Well, you know, who can say why Mongols do anything? (pause) It's moguls, you oxymoron.

homeg5.wav - "The first thing that gets to me is how paranoid the guy is... I mean.. we're the one layin' our asses out there, for the whole wide world to see.

homeg6.wav - Carter:  Do you have any idea, how much crop is up there?  Jack:  Three million..  Carter:  Try four or five, man.  Harlan:  Well, maybe it's still up there..  Carter:  What?  The crop?  Harlan:  Yeah.  Carter:  Harlan.. you're, you're amazing.  Harlan:  What?  Maybe it is.  Jack:  Maybe he's right.  Carter:  No, I mean, your head is hollow, and yet you walk around, and say things, and frolic and everything.

homeg7.wav - Carter:  We fight for what's ours, Harlan.  That's the way.  You don't wanna fight, fine, you get nothin.  You get in my way, I'll kill you myself.  Harlan:  You wouldn't dare.  Carter:  Oh wouldn't I?  Why don't you try me.  Why don't you try me?  You little coward.  Jack:  Harlan, you don't dare somebody to kill ya.

homeg8.wav - Carter:  The mafia?  They kill people.  Jack:  everybody kills people.  Carter:  Well, the mafia's really good at it, all right?

homeg9.wav - Carter:  Man, would you look at that!  Jack:  I don't see anything.  Carter:  Exactly!  All right, exactly!  Jack:  Are you goin' nuts or something?