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chiwawa.wav- "I'm just, I'm as scared as a chiwawa on Christmas morning"

*mabelcoo.wav- Jamie: "How's Mabel?"   Nat: "Aw, she's great Mrs. Buchman.  In fact, she's was making the cutest little noise...."

*nathey.wav- Paul: "Hey Nat!"  Nat: "Hey 'dere!  Ho 'dere!"  Jamie: "Hi Nat!"

*natmabel.wav- Nat: "Hey 'dere Mabel!  Aw, hey 'dere Mabel Mercer!  Hey 'dere Mabel not today, Mabel not tomorrow, but soon and for the rest of your life!"

may1.wav - Nat: Nothing, I'm just here to walk the dog.. Murray.. the dog. Arly: You walk Murray at night? Nat: (hesitant, he's just there checking up on Mabel)...Yes. He finds it, uh, you know, the streets are less crowded. Less full of, uh, distracting.. other dogs.

may2.wav - Nat: Has the evening been a pleasant one for both baby and (walks in and sees Arly changing Mabel) baaaaa-hey there. Arly: I'm sorry, if this makes you uncomfortable, I can do it inside. Nat: Please no, that's ok.. Can I getcha a newspaper or a ziplock bag..?

may3.wav - "Hi there, hi I'm Nat"

may4.wav - Nat: Wll, I guess I'm about done here.. just gonna head back to my place. I'm gonna just, I'm gonna.. lay low.

may5.wav - Nat: I am three credits shy of being certified as a nurse, a male nurse, I might add.. which means, I'm qualified to help you out with whatever you might wish to do in here, with the exception of whatever they cover in those last three credits.

may6.wav - "Roger and Wilco"

may7.wav - Nat: Ok.. things seem to be top shelf here, so, it was very nice to meet ya, and glad to see Mabel there's in such good hands there. Arly: Aren't you going to walk Murray? Nat: ..Yes!

may8.wav - Nat: Ho dere' Jamie: Hey Nat.. Nat: uuhhhh hey dere' Mrs. Buchman. Uuuuhhh, sorry, I didn't realize you'd be home. Jamie: ( trying to put her shirt on ) "Awwww, that's okay.. Nat: Naw, cause you know, otherwise I would've uh knacked or you know, or uh rung the bell 'er uh made some other form of uh entry there. Hey.......... (notices Jamie's hair)....... hoooooo dere'... Jamie: "Oh... well you like it? Nat: Jimeny! Jamie: Jimeny?? What does that mean? Nat: Jimeny is uh like wilickers, uh geepers...... it's a ' wow' type. Jamie: You don't like it.. Nat: No, no, no, no. Jamie: It's ok.. Nat: No, no..... it's just... it's just the question that I.. I would ask is uh.... Why? Jamie: Why, what? Nat: Why, why, why WOULD ya? Jamie: Oh, well, I guess I just felt like I needed a change. Jamie: Yeah, and I guess I just wanted to try something different. Nat: Yeah, but why you wanna try something different when you're already soo.. Jamie: What? Nat: Noth --- naw... you know, just, well, if I may just speak as a man ummm, well, may I speak as a man? Jamie: Please, please, please.. Nat: OK.. here it goes, i'm just gonna let this rip, ummm, I'm from a 'If it ain't broke DO NOT fix it ' school, and Mrs. Buchman, you were, mmm, extremely NOT broke... and I mean that with ALL do respect. Jamie: Ohhh, Nat, that's very sweet. Nat: Alright, so please forgive me if I'm speaking out of line. Believe me I know I'm just here to walk the dog, and that's irrespective of your hair color. Ya know.. whatever you do on a follicular level, whatever you do, please, that's none of my beez wax! Jamie: No, no, no, no. Nat: Just out of curiousity... How did Mr. Buchman react? Did he like it? Jamie: You know he felt exactly the same way as you. Nat: See that!

may9.rm- Nat comes in on New Year's Eve to pick up Murray, and tells Paul and Jamie what he usually does on New Year's Eve. 

*Sounds from Jessica's Mad About You Sounds Page