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quiz1.wav - Al: Dan produces both shows. Dan Enright: You're young, you're clean-cut, you're from a prominent family.. Al: Kids would run to do their homework to be like Charles VanDoren. Charles VanDoren: What about Herbert Stempel? Al: What about him? Dan Enright: Herb? Oh, I love him. People don't like him.. kids don't look up to him. Al: Yeah, if you were a kid, would you wanna be an annoying Jewish guy with a sidewall haircut? Charles VanDoren: Well, I wanted to be Joe DiMagio. Al: Oh yeah? Me too. Especially after he signed for the hundred grand.

quiz2.wav - Al Freedman and Dan Enright try to talk Van Doren into letting them ask him questions that he knows the answers to.

quiz3.wav - Al: "Name the three heavy weight champions who preceded Joe Lewis...."

quiz4.wav - Al: He doesn't want the answers anymore. He just wants the questions. Enright: Who? Al: Who? The, uh, great white hope. Dan, what the hell is egregious?

quiz5.wav - Dick Goodwin: He says, and I quote, that he was made to take a dive. Enright: Oh believe me, I'm quite aware familiar with Herb's alligations. You know, I think I could recite them by wrote. Al: Forty-six witnesses swore up and down Herbie's a lying tub of shit.

quiz6.wav - Enright: Herb came to visit me in an agitated, well, I suppose the clinical term would be uh.. what? Al: The guy's nuts. Enright: Manic.

quiz7.wav - Goodwin: So you pain for his psychoanalysis? Enright: I felt responsible! Al: Yeah, you're too nice. Enright: Noo.. Al: Yeah, if it were up to me I would've sent him to the skating rink the fast way. Goodwin: Five sessions a week? Al: Five, and not a dent. Enright: Herb is so angry with himself for losing and it was on such a simple question too. Marty. Al: Marty. Enright: His ego couldn't handle it. He blames Charles VanDoren for his downfall and ofcourse the real downfall of Herbert Stempel has always been Herbert Stempel. Al: Stempel. Absolutely. Well you met him.. does he seem stable to you? Goodwin: Well, I definately have an inkeling of what you're talking about.

quiz8.wav - Enright: (to VanDoren) The only people that can implicate you directly are all in this room. Just think about that. Al: You think that nudge is gonna get me to talk? VanDoren: Well, he may be a nudge, but he was also first in his class at Harvard Law school. Al: Oh, Harvard! VanDoren: Oh, will you please stop that! Enright: Al, stop it. Al: Sorry. Charlie, they could kill me, I wouldn't talk. They could subject me to any kind of torture.. um uh.. Van Doren: Rack? Al: Thank you, they could put me on the rack.. Charlie, I'm not tellin' 'em a Goddamn thing. Correct me, Dan, if I'm wrong. Enright: No, you're right. Al: Plus, what did you do wrong? Everybody knows the magician don't saw the lady in half. VanDoren: It's not exactly the same thing. Al: It's entertainment! VanDoren: I am a college professor!

quiz9.wav - Judge: Mr. Freedman, you freely admit that you helped rig these shows? Al: Yes sir. Judge: 'Yes sir'? That's it? Al: Wel, sir, I don't know what else to say.. give the public what they want. It's like your business. Judge: Do you see a need for government regulation on this? Al: You know, it's not like the quiz show is a public utility, sir. It's entertainment. We're not exactly harden criminals here, we're in show business.