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rosie2.wav - Rosie:  Now this huge, mega-hit "Godzilla."  Hank:  Well, yes, hopefully..  Rosie:  Huge.  Hank:  Very large.  Everything about it is very large, yeah.  Rosie:  Yeah.  When they called you, and said "Godzilla," did you think 'That's a big blockbuster for me?'  Hank:  (laughs) I didn't think it was going to be a small arts film.

rosie3.wav - Rosie: Could you do a little Captain Stubing? That's a hard impression to do.  Hank: (sarcastically, laughs) Not for me. May I stand to do it? Rosie: Sure. Hank: Alright. (stands up) Rosie: Captain Stubing ladies and gentlemen. (Hank pulls his pants up very high) Rosie: (laughs) Well, that's good! Hank: (impersonating) Isaac, I want to see you on the fiesta boat immediately. (audience laughs)

rosie4.rm - Hank: Now again, these are all bad. I would do like a.. impressions that were funny to me that I insisted on keeping doing, even though they never got a laugh. Like, I used to do Johnny Carson doing rock music lyrics. Rosie: Like? Hank: Like, um.. (clears throat; begins to impersonate Johnny Carson) Now, apparently, there's a uh, there's a lady who's sure, that all that glitters is gold - It's a true story- And she's buying a stairway to heaven.

rosie5.rm - Rosie: Now, I heard you do a mean Mickey Rourke, too, is this true?  Hank: Well, I wouldn't do him on stage, but I would occasionally, uuh, if I wanted to get into a club.. on a list.. I would call the club as Mickey Rourke. And say, uh.. (Impersonating Mickey Rourke) How ya doin'? This is Mickey, uh, I wanna come bang around the club tonight.. And uh.. oh yeah, can you put my friend Hank Azaria on the list, as well? (audience laughs) I might not show up, he might.. Rosie: Then what happens when you get there? They go, you know, you're not Mickey Rourke.. Hank: 'Friend of Mickey's, he'll be along soon.' Rosie: Oh, you see how that works? Hank: Yeah, exactly.

rosie1.rm - Entire Interview, Real Audio format.  6 min. 40 sec.  817KB